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The #1 Skill Entrepreneurs Need

entrepreneurs growth success Jun 14, 2019


Happiness is a skill. It doesn’t happen by luck, there is no happiness lottery.

You need to condition your thoughts strategically to manage your emotions so you can show up on your A game every day for your business, family, and friends.
Unfortunately, there are so many Entrepreneurs that are on the verge of physical and emotional burnout. They’ve ruined relationships, and no matter how hard they work there is always more to do. The famous line “just gotta get this one last thing done!” There is always “one last thing”.
When things aren’t going as planned with the business, they are grumpy, reactionary and their focus is scattered. Fears and doubts creep in, and if they keep pushing it? Burnout becomes the inevitable.

There are 3 Choices: Quit, Plateau or become Stronger

For business owners with the Entrepreneurial mindset, there is only one option. They will choose to become stronger. Work smarter, not harder, get off cruise control and find ways to really move the needle.
How do I know this?

Your initial decision to become an Entrepreneur was because you noticed a gap, a market need or a need from within…

You weren’t willing to live a life of mediocrity.
You have a need to find more effective, more productive ways to achieve an outcome. You never want to do it like everyone else. The very fact you are reading this means you want to enhance your performance and get to the next level and you want to do it faster than everyone else.
Finding the skill to honor the struggle happily is key and then being able to put your plans in a strategic, actionable format is what sets apart the achievers from the dreamers.
Get out your journals, these are actionable questions to get clarity so you can make impactful change.
The Clarity Creating Questions
Be Future Focused:
  • Your Future Self.  Who is my future self being- at work, at home, with family, friends, in your relationships, as a parent? All areas. What 3-5 words would describe my best self showing up in all of these areas every day?

  • Review these 3-5 words every morning and imagine the ways you will embody these words in your day-to-day activities.

Long Term Focus:

  • This is worth the fight: What is my big WHY? What makes this struggle, this journey worth it? This journey is bigger than me and it’s important to me because...

Create Joy:

  • What is ONE thing I can do THIS WEEK to bring more meaning into my life?

  • Get creative and it doesn't need to be complicated. Is there something you have enjoyed in the past that you have stopped doing?

You became an Entrepreneur to live the good life, so go ahead and start creating it!

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