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Cahoots Ops & Kelsie Van Roon bring strategy, solutions, and collaboration to your online business

Is your business really only as good as your systems?

Most business owners are scraping by with the same bootstrapped systems they started with. And sometimes, it works.

But, it's a whole new ballgame in the online business world!

The game changes fast, the noise is deafening, and there's a business coach on every corner telling you they have the system, the roadmap, the blueprint (or whatever hype word of the week we are on) that will help you grow your audience, make more money, and solve all your problems.

I'm not saying *those coaches* are wrong, they likely did crack the code and find what works for them, and it's great that they are sharing it.

But what if there was a simpler way?

A way to build systems that last. Legacy systems that can scale.

A simplified approach to streamline all your online business needs in a way that makes it doable for the solopreneur, and still scalable for when you are ready to grow your team?


Hello, I'm Kelsie

After 16 years in a Corporate career, I was struggling to find personal satisfaction and fulfillment. I wanted to be in charge of my schedule, my bottom line and have the flexibility to be with my family whenever I needed. The next few years turned out to be the most challenging of my life. Struggling as a new business owner, wearing all the hats, starting a family, and staying sane during it all proved to be a feat I was determined to overcome.

My style is equal parts of strategy and energetics, meaning I wholeheartedly believe that success comes a little easier when we can balance your business's systems and operations with streamlined processes that are scalable for growth.

Kelsie is a certified High Performance, NLP & Human Design Coach. Combined with Corporate project and people management experience, she loves helping online business owners create their success plans and projects while supporting them through the mindset hurdles that will undoubtedly come with the execution of the plan.


Simplicity in systems can turn your dreams into reality


Ways to work with Cahoots Ops

Slay Day VIP Strategy

For the Coach or Online Business Owner that is done “bootstrapping” their business and ready to create a strategy and plan that works for them. Within two weeks and two deep-dive coaching sessions, you walk away with a custom curated Business Evolution Guide, a 6-12 month plan on evolving your business in the five key drivers of success in the online business world.

Total Investment $797


Online Business Management Custom Retainer

You have the vision, you know what is next, but if only you had a sounding board...and someone to map the whole thing out... and someone to execute the plan. We work together to create the strategy, project plan, and assignment of tasks. Monthly packages are determined by how many hours of monthly OBM support you need.

Starts at $1200/month


Custom Kajabi Projects

Landing pages, sales pages, email sequences, automations, pipelines, and courses...if it’s in Kajabi we can build it out and integrate the backend so you have one smooth customer experience.

*Design work not included

Packages start at $600

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Kelsie helped me change my life, and I will be forever grateful

Amanda W


Nana's Natural Soap Collective

I went from zero to launch in 12 weeks!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

I took my 5- year goal and made it happen this year with Kelsie's help. Thank you!

Kumssa H

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