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A science-backed, strategic approach in Personal and Professional Development that helps you achieve your next level of success faster than you ever thought possible.


Kelsie is a Certified High Performance Coach™ & Master NLP Coach

Meet Kelsie Van Roon

Let's get you REFOCUSED, CONFIDENT, and RAPIDLY PROGRESSING in all areas of your life and business.

I’ve developed a strategic approach in advanced self-awareness that helps entrepreneurs and individuals consciously design their life and business to support what they desire most.

By using three powerful coaching programs in one...NLP, Human Design and High Performance, this individualized and holistic process was created after I saw people were craving a deeper, more meaningful approach to success.

My coaching programs are built around the principles of NLP, Human Design and High Performance and teach actionable solutions and concepts to keep you focused on your goals while avoiding burnout, frustration, and challenge.  Living without self-awareness and the ability to self-coach is not just problematic to your well being and relationships, but also to your business and you ability to lead your team.


Featured Programs


Three powerful coaching modalities in one. High Performance, NLP, and Human Design tailored to you and your business. With regular 1:1 coaching sessions and weekly voxer access.  


Three powerful coaching modalities in one. High Performance, NLP, and Human Design in a group setting where you get to connect with inspiring and motivated individuals where we all RISE TOGETHER.


 Your Human Design Chart is the jumping-off point to understanding how you are energetically designed to show up in this world. You will learn how you are meant to make decisions and start implementing your chart strategies to help you bring in more alignment, flow, ease, and results into your business.

"Since I’ve completed my sessions with Kelsie, the effects of what she had taught me keeps increasing in all areas of my life, and the personal growth has had tremendous benefits. My level of awareness how to respond to events that are from my own thoughts, and thoughts of others around me, have exponentially changed my life. "

Leeland B

"Kelsie's training and coaching took what I thought would be a 5-10 year goal and she showed how to make it happen THIS YEAR. I am earning more and smashing through my goals in a way that I never thought possible"

Kumssa H
Insurance Broker

"Working with Kelsie showed me how my life and business bleed together! I have been in many different coaching programs and no one is talking about about how I need to approach my success holistically. This work changed how I approach EVERYTHING!"

Denise L
Managing Partner, Element Mortgage Group

"Kelsie helped me change my life and I cannot recommend her more!"

Amanda W
Executive Assistant, Wilkins IT Solutions

"Kelsie's coaching and training is amazing, the tools and strategies you learn will help your life holistically. You can apply these tools to your personal life and to your career to maximize your passion, success, and overall happiness!"

Melissa J
Mortgage Broker

"I have been using these tools for past 60 days and I can honestly say they have helped me be more productive and more connected to the people that matter most to me. At the end of the day, I feel more fulfilled because I have been focused with the right mindset."

Curt W

"Take one-hour to attend this training and be prepared to start looking at your success in a whole new way!"

Jason Z

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