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Successful People Have Coaches

entrepreneurs results success Jun 27, 2019

What brought you to your current level of success is your current behavior and actions.  However, you need new skills and new habits to hit that higher gear to bring you to your next level of success.

Are you spinning your wheels trying to reach a new level of success? 

You know what the world’s most successful people are NOT doing?  The same old thing that everyone else is doing. You’ve probably heard this advice before;  just start your dream, work hard, be passionate, work on your strengths. And it’s not that this is bad advice, this advice often leads to level one success.  But you want more than that.

So, although your current thinking, actions, and strategies have brought you this far, it won’t be enough to bring you to the next level quickly, and with less frustration and challenge.

Becoming one of the top producers in your industry will take hard work, and I know you already know that or you would already be at the highest level of success possible.

I was recently in a coaching session with a client.  She spent the first 30 minutes talking about all the things that weren’t working for her; her spouse was not supporting her venture, her prospective clients weren’t buying her service as quickly as she needed them to, and she never had enough time to do all the things a solopreneur needs to do in a day to run a profitable business.

From my perspective, time was ticking.  I only had 30 minutes left to turn this client around and get her to a different place, a place where she actually felt in control of these things.  So I decided to get bold and direct and I said “listen, you know what the top performers in your industry are NOT doing? Spending their well earned money on coaching while focusing on all the negative aspects of their business. So can we get to work and see how we can turn these situations around now?”

It worked and we got back on track, working through the things that she did have control of.  We brainstormed conversational strategies to help her have greater influence in her relationships; both at home and with her clients.  We also started working on identifying gaps in her productivity. And then we had a good laugh, because she acknowledged that maybe she’s spending more time focusing on the negative instead of the things that matter in her business.


How A Coach Can Help You.  Get Professional Guidance From a Professional.

I believe business coaching and professional development need to be approached holistically.  Your results in your career or business won’t mean much to you if your life outside your career is suffering.  And, if your personal life is suffering, you won’t be functioning at your best level in your professional life. Do know a highly successful person who reached amazing levels in their career, but it cost them their marriage, or relationship with their kids, or their health?

Is this really what you are aspiring to be?


The goal in High Performance Coaching is living a fully charged life, with vibrancy and joy, while experiencing very high levels of success over the long term.  No one-hit wonders. I’m talking about the phenomenal success that can be sustained over the long-term while taking care of your health, well-being, and relationships.

Not all coaching programs are built the same, here are some of the benefits of High Performance Coaching.

Benefit #1.

Get clear on your path, explore and test out the ideas with support that is non-judgmental and with someone that has your best interest in mind.

Sometimes the worst advice comes from your family and friends.  It’s not because they are bad people, but they are emotionally invested in you.  Your mother never wants to see you fail, so she may not agree with your ideas if it makes her feel afraid for you.  She may express all of her worries and fears and this can lead to you feeling discouraged.

Friends are another tricky one.  Again, they are not intentionally being unsupportive.  They care deeply about you and don’t want to see you hurt, or they could feel a twinge of jealousy when you talk about your next great idea.  The result is that you are getting biased advice.

A coach has your best interest in mind, while being objective and without judgement.  And also has expert knowledge on the right questions to ask to help you get more clarity, so you know where your focus should be.

Benefit #2.

Learn how to show up as you best, most courageous self no matter what the challenge is.

Fear is a real thing that we have to face daily.  If you have big goals, you will have big decisions to make and this can be scary.  I know how scary it can be when you don’t know how things are going to turn out. And, it can be really scary when you have already put so much time and energy into something and you’re not sure if you should quit or keep going.  Sometimes what has happened to you in the past stops you from propelling forward to meet your goals. Isn’t it true that the stories in your head are not always the most supportive?

Because a coach has only your best interests in mind, they will help you work through your fears and teach you the skills and self-mastery so you know how to continually show up every day as your best self.  Coaches don’t let you play small.

Benefit #3.

Stay Accountable.

Now that you have clarity and tools and strategies to address the fears that are holding you back, a coach will keep you accountable and call you out, if needed.  

This is so much more than having the typical “accountability partner” though.  Because once you are clear on your path, there will be times where you get distracted.  These times of distraction can be unconscious and sneaky. Your coach has an objective perspective of the situation to remind you about what your end goal is and bring you back to that so you are operating from a place of full alignment and congruency.  You will need help making sure the decisions you have to make are aligned with your purpose, a coach will help you keep on track and purposeful.

Gone are the days that you wander through life unconsciously, on cruise control.  There is a whole new world of successful people living phenomenally happy, connected, abundant, and wealthy lives.

Stop struggling so much and so alone!  And learn how to develop the strategies and use the tools that highly successful people are using to consistently achieve their dreams and goals.   


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