Zero To Launch

You have the blueprint for your success, you are holding the keys.

Consciously designing your business every step of the way. 

You are so ready to do this!

You have launched (or you are getting ready to launch) your business!

You are wired for success! And I know, sometimes it doesn't feel that way. But you are ready to create your success in a whole new way.

The old paradigm of success was hard work and struggle; the new paradigm is business models that intuitively feel good, works within your lifestyle, and helps you reach your future goals and desires with mental and emotional freedom.

You are ready to create aligned services and offers that speak clearly to your Ideal Client.

You are done with the shiny-object syndrome and ready to make empowered decisions in your business.


Consciously creating an Entrepreneurial lifestyle that you are excited about.

Welcome to Zero to Launch

Life-long, million-dollar lessons in business.


Module 1: Aligned Business Model & Offers

Creating aligned offers and business models so you can start building an entrepreneurial lifestyle that works for you. If your offers, services, and business model are already built then this is a great opportunity to check every layer and make sure it is working for you and tweak what isn’t.

Module 2: Ideal Client Creation

Connect your aligned offers with your ICA and start seeing why you are just the right person to help them. You will have the confidence to unapologetically sell to them in a way that feels really good because you are so confident in your own offer, it is a no-brainer for your Ideal Client. (added bonus- a limitless amount of content starts to pour out of you when this piece clicks).

Module 3: Landing Pages that Connect

With aligned offers, and aligned ICA’s creating your landing pages that outline your offer and your business becomes a simple step in the process. You will work with our Landing page formula, switch up, tweak, and get copy feedback from Kelsie in our private Facebook group.

Module 4: List Building

The natural next step, and by now you are working with a business that feels amazing every week. So let’s create a process that builds your email list into a community.

Module 5: Aligned Operations 

We create what you will be doing each week to build and grow your business. You will create a content creation model and social media marketing strategy that is doable and designed for you to stay present in your business, with loads of extra time for your life, family, and friends.

..Workbooks with each module and all the mindset-related work you need!

You will be supported by..

  • Two Q&A live streams per month where you will submit your questions ahead of time so we can efficiently move through any challenges that are coming up for you. With two live support calls per month, for six months you will have time to action, implement, and tweak what is not working.
  • Kelsie will check in daily (M-F) in our Private Facebook community to answer posts, give content/copy feedback and address any mindset questions.
  • Workbooks are provided with each module.
  • With 6 months of support, you will stay on track, feel supported, and be able to feedback on the strategies you are creating.
  • Shiny-object syndrome will be a thing of the past because you will be supported through making empowered decisions for you and your business.

Plus, these bonuses:

  • Welcome Email Swipe Copy- welcome your new subscribers with email copy that feels authentic and engaging.
  • Caption Starter Download- 80 Caption starters prompts to help jumpstart your creative content creation process.
  • Daily Support (M-F)- in our private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get feedback on what you are implementing.

Are You Ready? 


You will be celebrating..

Confidently implementing online business strategies that make it easy to build your business.

Creating your offers, marketing them, and selling them in a way that doesn't feel salesy or sleazy...

Your aligned offers speaking clearly to your Ideal Client.

Confidence in your ability to weigh options and make decisions, no matter how much noise is out there.

Learning from others, but not falling into the trap of shiny-object syndrome because your decisions will be empowered and aligned with you.

Building the successful online business model you have been looking for.

The Investment?

Access to the program will start on Monday, August 9th


Pay In Full


I'm Ready!

Payment Plan

6 Monthly Payments $444

I'm Ready!

How this program works.. 

  • Six months of support while you action, implement, and tweak what you are learning and creating your own Aligned Business Model and Offers.
  • Private member portal with Five Training Modules; videos and workbooks, covering everything from Ideal Client Creation to Email Marketing Basics and Pricing your products and offers.
  • Two Q&A live streams month with Kelsie to answer any questions you have while you are working through the program.
  • Monday-Friday Support inside our private Facebook community; ask questions, get feedback and audits on landing pages and copy, and connect with and be supported by other online business owners.

I will be your mentor for the next 6 months, giving you everything you need to get your business going and growing in a way that feels so good that you will remain consistent in your strategy.


Creating the business and lifestyle I desired.

Five years ago I left my corporate career to launch my own business. I was excited and highly motivated. I was just starting a family and I was looking forward to creating my own schedule that fits with my family.

A year into running my own business, my schedule felt more hectic, and my stress levels were super high. Being solely responsible for your bottom line can be a stressful undertaking. My relationships and my health were starting to suffer.

I had a decision to make.

Find a way to run the business that actually works for me. 

Or quit.

Well, I am still here and you are reading this page, so I guess you know which one I chose.

And now, I am helping other business owners do the same.

There is no one right way to do business.

You create a business model that is perfectly aligned with your lifestyle, goals, and dreams. You don't need to sacrifice anything!

And if having support and guidance while you work through sounds like a good idea, then this program is for you.

Let's create a business model that is perfectly aligned with you. No sacrifices, you get to have it all.

Leeland Brooks

"The effects of what I have learned while working with Kelsie keeps increasing in all areas of my life, and my growth has had tremendous benefits. My level of awareness and how to respond to events that are from my own thoughts, and thoughts of others around me, have exponentially changed my life."

Denise Laframboise

"I have been in many different coaching programs and no one is talking about how I need to approach my success holistically. This training changed how I approach EVERYTHING"

Kumssa Hassan

"Kelsie's training and coaching took what I thought would be a 5-10 year goal and she showed how to make it happen THIS YEAR.  I am earning more and smashing through my goals in a way that I never thought possible."

Still not sure if Zero To Launch is for you? Keep reading...

  • You own an online service or product-based business, or you are just starting one. 
  • You are tired of trying to do “all the things” (reels, lives, posts, stories, fb groups etc.), and nothing seems to be sticking, and they can’t keep it “all” up. It’s not a manageable business model.
  • You want a simplified approach to online business
  • You feel like there is so much to do and learn...and arent sure whose advice to listen too
  • You are tired of feeling stuck, burnt out, or not taking any action at all. You don’t want to keep making the same mistakes again and again.
  • You are ready to be supported by a mentor who has taken these same leaps and can make this transformation and growth feel a whole lot simpler for you.
Ok, NOW I'm Ready

A Note From Kelsie...

Let’s get you confident and rapidly progressing with a business philosophy that honours both mindset and strategy so you can hit your biggest goals with ease.

When I started my coaching business, I was ready to help other business owners create a business and life that works for them. But I was a new business owner myself.

I started studying juicy, breakthrough success stories and applying what felt right for me while also obtaining certifications in coaching that would prove to help my clients and me.

The biggest success stories come down to these two principles...

You can have the best strategy, but it won’t matter if you don’t believe in yourself.


You can have ALL the belief in yourself, but it also won't work if you have no strategy.

People crave a deeper meaning to success, and I believe that balancing mindset and strategy holds the key.