The Mastermind 


You are ready for more

You have always known you were made for more.

A life of mediocrity and regrets is the only thing that truly scares you.

You have grit, determination, and conviction to keep going, and sometimes you wonder if maybe you're a little bit crazy, in a good way ;)

And there are also many days where you wonder how it will all work and what you should do next.

You are not willing to sacrifice and miss out on life because, deep down, you know it is possible to have it all.

Work hard? Yes. Burn out? Hell no.

You are done with forcing your success.


It's time to change the story about your success


Creating the business and lifestyle I desired.

My work week is laid back, I have time for my children, time for my husband, and time to create a schedule and life that works for me.

A life of freedom:  financial freedom, time and schedule freedom, and emotional freedom.

My first few years in business weren’t easy, but I had the tools to uncover the unconscious patterns and habits that would block me from the success I desired (and I hired coaches too).

I am now consistently celebrating 5-figure months and on track to celebrate my first multi-six-figure year.

And I hit these new levels of success during what should have been one the most challenging years of my life; I had a baby, pivoted my business to virtual while scaling my business and life to new levels of success and performance.

My job is to talk about the things I love and value most about life. I teach other Entrepreneurs how to discover their emotional truths, increase their confidence and develop their own intuition to do business in a way that feels good to them. Your business doesn't need to feel complicated.

There is no ONE RIGHT way in business.

Welcome to Inner Influence

The Mastermind

Entrepreneurship is one incredible journey. Over the years of coach training and growing my business, I have learned a valuable set of tools and skills that bring results.

And that is what this Mastermind is all about.

How The Mastermind Works

▶️ A six-month mastermind designed to give you the mindset and strategy to create and grow your online business.

▶️ Two Mastermind calls per month for support with online business strategy and/or mindset-related work.

▶️ Voxer Support (M-F) to help you find solutions to whatever challenge you're up against (no questions are off-limits; ie. landing pages, copy, social medial, emails, and everything mindset-related).

▶️ Eight modules in mindset, crafted specifically for Entrepreneurs interested in growing their business, and doing it really well.

▶️ Four modules on Human Design; your energetic blueprint for success.

▶️ Workbooks to go along with each training. These workbooks will deepen your learning and keep you committed to developing the resilient mindset you deserve.

▶️ Access to the most up-to-date concepts in NLP, Human Design, and High-Performance Living. 


I will be your mentor for the next six months, giving you everything you need to get your business going and growing. We will shift your mindset so you hitting your goals in a way that feels amazing


The Investment?

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Early Bird Pricing Is On!


Save $800

Pay In Full

6 Monthly Payments


Save $800

Monthly Plan

Leeland Brooks

The effects of what I have learned while working with Kelsie keeps increasing in all areas of my life, and my growth has had tremendous benefits. My level of awareness and how to respond to events that are from my own thoughts, and thoughts of others around me, have exponentially changed my life. 

Denise Laframboise

"I have been in many different coaching programs and no one is talking about how I need to approach my success holistically. This training changed how I approach EVERYTHING"

Kumssa Hassan

"Kelsie's training and coaching took what I thought would be a 5-10 year goal and she showed how to make it happen THIS YEAR.  I am earning more and smashing through my goals in a way that I never thought possible."

We Will Be Covering…

  1. Your unique Human Design Profile; how you are meant to operate in the world energetically.
  2. Your Human Design Authority: to help you make wise, fool-proof decisions in your business.
  3. What brings you out alignment with your Human Design and how to get back into alignment quickly.
  4. Identify and energetically release unconscious patterns and habits that are blocking you from radical results.
  5. How to consistently cultivate confidence, decisiveness, and momentum.
  6. Psychology Mastery to develop a free, positively engaged, consciously-directed mind.
  7. The power of forgiveness and gratitude and how these tools help you move forward.
  8. The Neuroscience of Manifestation and how to apply these concepts to everyday living.
  9. Gain immediate momentum, behavioural-driven clarity and intention.
  10. Mastering Productivity so you are consistently moving the needle forward, without the hustle and burnout.
  11. Staying fully committed to your growth and success. 


    Are You Ready? 


Still not sure if this Mastermind is the one for you? Keep reading...

  • You own an online service or product-based business or you are just starting one. 
  • You have a clear vision of the next level of your life, and it includes earning more while having plenty of freedom in your schedule and your mindset. But you're not sure how to get there easily.
  • Deep down, you are confident that you will succeed, but you know you need to strengthen your mindset to become unwavering in your pursuit.
  • You know you are getting in your way- making up stories of why you're not ready, sabotaging strategy, and getting into your head about decisions.
  • You are tired of feeling stuck, burnt out, or not taking any action at all. You don’t want to keep making the same mistakes again and again.
  • You are ready to be supported by a mentor who has taken these same leaps and can make this transformation and growth feel a whole lot simpler for you.


Ok, NOW I'm Ready

The Application

A Note From Kelsie...

Let’s get you confident and rapidly progressing with a business philosophy that honours both mindset and strategy so you can hit your biggest goals with ease.

When I started my coaching business, I was ready to help other business owners create a business and life that works for them. But I was a new business owner myself.

I started studying juicy, breakthrough success stories and applying what felt right for me while also obtaining certifications in coaching that would prove to help my clients and me.

The biggest success stories come down to these two principles...

You can have the best strategy, but it won’t matter if you don’t believe in yourself.


You can have ALL the belief in yourself, but it also won't work if you have no strategy.

People crave a deeper meaning to success, and I believe that balancing mindset and strategy holds the key.


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