Human Design 

The Map That Guides You To Self Awareness

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Your Human Design Chart is the jumping-off point to understanding how you are energetically designed to show up in this world. 

In the 75 minute reading, Kelsie will cover:

  • Your Energy Type, helping you to lead yourself in the directions of your energetic flow.
  • Your Authority will help you to make fool-proof decisions in your business.
  • Your Profile, taking you deeper into your chart and precisely how your profile aligns with your energy type.
  • Your defined and undefined centres, including how to navigate and work through your instinctual fears while increasing your emotional intelligence.
  • A workbook customized for your energy type.
  • And, of course, time to ask all your burning questions!
  • Your live call will be recorded, and a link will be sent for you to download the recording as well.
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