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The Discovery Call

Here's what you can expect during this call

  • Me, asking questions about your goals, your business, and what you believe is the next logical step in your business
  • You, sharing your vision and what is keeping you from fully executing the vision
  • Together, we create an action plan to get you to where you want to be

If we feel we are a good fit for each other, we will cover how we can work together.


What NOT to expect during this call

  • Pushy sales conversations
  • Selling something you don't need or want
  • Holding back the cost of services until I have convinced you to buy (in fact, you can see our prices for the package below)
  • Specific coaching or consulting on a topic (we save that for when we are working together)

Before you book your call, here is a summary of the services and packages we are currently offering..

The Packages

Slay Day

*Literal logistics: it's not all done in one day, but two meetings spread over 2 weeks.

For the Coach or Online Business Owner that is done “bootstrapping” their business and ready to create a strategy that works for them. Our focus is on the 5-key success drivers in online business; Measuring Your Success, Social Media Production, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, & Strategic Planning.

You will get:

  • Two sessions, booked 2-weeks apart; 90-minute kick-off and 60-minute debrief sessions
  • Custom curated Business Evolution Guide,  a custom 6-12 month strategy on the projects that will help you improve effectiveness, efficiency and evolve your business to the next level when it comes to the 5-key success drivers in online business

Total Investment $797

*All prices in USD, taxes included

VIP Strategy Day

*Literal logistics: it's not all done in one day, sessions will be customer curated to your businesses needs

For the solopreneur and micro-business owners (meaning those with a small team); you are the backbone of the world of Entrepreneurship. Once you got a taste of owning a business, there was no going back.

But, you're also done with feeling like you are putting out one fire after another and you are ready to streamline, audit your efficiencies, upgrade your processes and plan the projects that will actually help you get to where you want to go fast.

You will get:

  • Four-hour session (multiple sessions available) to complete a scorecard analysis on the success drivers of your industry
  • Strategic planning to identify your Priority Project List
  • Custom Project Plan that maps out everything you need to execute your #1 project
  • Preferred pricing on packages to help you manage the rollout of the project(s)

Starts at $797

*All prices in USD, taxes included
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Online Business Management Support

(Around here we call it ☝️ OBM)

You have the vision, you know what's next, and yet you still aren't progressing towards your vision as quickly as you would like.

If only you had someone to be..

  • your sounding board for decisions and ideas
  • the second set of eyes and ears to map out the project and so you don't miss a step
  • someone that will make sure nothing will fall through the cracks during the execution of the project

In the form of monthly packages, with custom add-ons specific to your needs, I got you! 

  • We work together to create the strategy, project plan, and assignment of tasks.
  • Packages are determined by how many hours of monthly OBM support you need.
  • You choose the number of support hours (minimum of 10 hours per month)
  • Project updates delivered how you like it; email, virtual meeting, or other communication channels
  • Focus Meetings- bi-weekly, monthly, or weekly, it's up to you :) 
  • Project planning, done with you or done for you

Total Freedom To Design The Level Of Support Your Need

Starts at $1000/month

*All prices in USD, taxes included

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Custom Kajabi Design & Backend Builds

Already have a Kajabi site, or looking to move over to Kajabi? We can help. We create the project plan, design work, and get you up and running on Kajabi. Whether it's front-end work (what your customer sees) or back-end (how the system and automations make your site work), we can do it all...

  • Landing pages & Sales pages
  • Checkout pages
  • Email sequences 
  • Automations
  • Pipelines
  • Courses

...if it's in Kajabi we can design it, build it, and connect it all so you have a smooth customer experience on auto-pilot. Each package is custom created for you so you are getting exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.

Landing Page Designs start at $600

*All prices in USD, taxes included

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Meet the mind behind the mission..

Operations, strategy, and tech meet creativity, fun, and a splash of quirkiness. 

Kelsie has 16 years in corporate operations, with 5-years of experience as an online business coach.

She is the ultimate blend of vision, strategy, and tech, so you are no longer worrying about HOW it all gets done and so you can focus on what you do best; serving your customers and creating excellent products and services for their needs.

Your business is done the right way, at the right time, by the right people.

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